The 2016-17 Sabres Season GIF Contest

Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

Greetings fellow masochists! Now that the season has mercifully ended, we need to occupy ourselves somehow. I would like to propose a contest whereby the entrants shall post in the comments section the GIF that he or she feels best summarizes the Buffalo Sabres' 2016-17 season. Entries need not be hockey related. They should simply capture the spirit of the Sabres' performance this season.

There is no limit to the number of entries that one person may post. The winning GIF shall be determined by the number of recs that it has received at 12:00 PM, two weeks from today, on Monday, April 24. Before entering your GIF, please scroll through the previous entries to make sure it has not been previously posted by someone else. Also, please remember to abide by this site's own guidelines for content. The winner shall receive a lovely gift bag full of Die By The Blade merchandise (right Andy? ;-). Good luck!

To participate, click the photo icon above the comment box (looks like a Polaroid), a new box pops up asking for the source. Right click on your gif and get the image address, and paste it into the source box, and you're done!

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