Casting Call to all of you Prospects Afficionados

With this season winding down on another playoff-less curtain call, I"m asking a favor of some of you. Calling on a request from anyone of you (McGee/Seneca, to name a few) who really can speak of the prospect pool that the Sabres' currently have. Stats like "player X has scored 5 goals and has 9 assists in the last 10 games" are meaningless to me, yet this seems to be the bulk of the information about our prospects, on all levels I'd really love to hear from you (however you want to present) on how the pipeline really shapes up compared to the league. Unfancy goals per game stats are meaningless because anyone, it seems, can get hot and score 5 goals in a 10 game span. What I'm looking for are the intangibles and your opinion of how the pool really shapes up.

If you are able to contribute, I want to thank you in advance. I'd love to get monthly updates in this forum and hope to generate some interesting conversation since we're rapidly running out of things to say.

Thanks, DBTB team!

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