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Recap: Sabres shut out for fourth consecutive game in LA, lose 2-0

The Sabres should petition the NHL to never play the Kings on the road ever again.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Los Angeles Kings Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the second game in a row, the Buffalo Sabres played about ten minutes of good hockey. For the second game in a row, they lost. And for the fourth time in a row at the Staples Center, they were shut out by the Kings.

If you went to bed or decided to watch the NCAA Tournament last night, you made the right decision.

Through two periods, the Sabres had just 11 shots on goal. The game was somehow scoreless through two thanks to Robin Lehner, who was not happy with his team’s effort.

“We don't go out and deserve it. You can't wait for them to score the first goal and then wake up. It's not how the game is played,” said Lehner. “This is a business. You've got to come out and play otherwise you get replaced, simple. It doesn't matter whether we're in or out right now, everyone needs to be playing for their jobs. It's not a privilege to play in this League. You've got to earn it.”

The Sabres aren’t earning much of anything recently, looking fairly pathetic on this west coast road trip.

It took until the third period and the Kings opening the scoring 36 seconds in for the Sabres to gain any kind of momentum, but as has often been the case this season, that was too little too late. They did manage to outshoot the Kings 15-11 in the final frame, but couldn’t capitalize on either an early power play chance or a late push.

They’ll get another chance to play for pride tonight in Anaheim. Maybe this time don’t wait until the third period to start, huh?

Three Questions

1. Will the Sabres show any more fight tonight than they did against San Jose?

Not really. It was a sort of valiant effort to keep the game tied, but when the ice is tilted so much against you, there’s only so much pride you can take in not falling further behind.

2. What will Jack Eichel do tonight?

From the game preview:

"Stupid lazy writer, keeps asking the same question every game." Well, when Eichel stops scoring so dang much (now up to 27 points in his last 20 games) we’ll stop asking.

Fine, we’ll stop asking.

3. What will Buffalo’s puck possession look like?

Comment of the Game

Can we tape Gorges and Franson together and put them in a super big sweater. they’d be just as effective, their powers combined into a single shift might even be a slight improvement over the double dose of liability…

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