DBTB Quiz: Buffalo Sabres All Time Top 30 in PIM (Slideshow Quiz)

Fight! Fight! Fight! - Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

It's always exciting when tempers flare on the ice and it leads to shenanigans - who doesn't love a good hockey fight?

Yeah, I know, some folks say it has no business in the game today, and should be banned. Others long for old time hockey when goons would police the ice. For those old enough to remember their favorite team's goon squad members, this quiz will be right up your alley. (Admittedly, some newer fans not familiar with old time hockey may take an uppercut to the mush on this one)

This quiz features the top 30 penalty-takers in Buffalo Sabres history - I've used PIM (penalties in minutes) as the sorting criteria here, not fights or major penalties, so the list isn't all goons, some just played here a long time and racked up a lot of trips to the box.

To amp up the difficulty, the players must be guessed in order, 1 through 30, but since I'm not an evil overlord, the quiz is in slideshow form to help you identify each one on the list. Where possible, I tried to include pictures of them fighting (and against NTE Lucic where possible), mixing it up, or just engaged in some sort of rough-housing, to fit the theme (Easier said than done for some of the players I'm afraid). Also, you should only have to type the first few letters of each of the players' names to get them correct.

Be sure to use the hints to your advantage too - you'll be given the years that they played in Buffalo along with their PIMs and number of games played. You can usually discern the goons from the long tenured players at least by looking at the PIM/GP ratios. Note: Sabres legend Lee Fogolin was in 31st place by 1 penalty minute, so don't bother guessing him. Something tells me that probably would not have been an issue for anyone.

Enjoy this tough quiz featuring Sabres' tough guys - good luck!

Buffalo Sabres Top 30 PIM

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