DBTB Quiz: Current Buffalo Sabres' Formative Teams

The young core of the Sabres - Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

So, yeah.

The Sabres just pulled a Warren Beatty on us last night, turning what looked like a victory into a La-La-Loss under the Arizona Moonlight.

Crappy jokes aside, I'm sure that like me, many of my fellow fans are more than a bit upset to have witnessed the excitement of the return of Sabres hockey after a week off devolve into a flaming blimp explosion right in front of our eyes. Against the lowest possible competition the league has to offer, to top it off. Oh, the humanity...

It is in times like this that a Sabres nation turns to the distractions of the DBTB Quizzes! This latest one features our current, 2016-17 roster (as much as we may want to distance ourselves from them - sorry, this quiz was made before the back-to-back losses) - you'll have to identify each of this year's Sabres' Junior/Development/Collegiate/Foreign teams, where they played their formative hockey before reaching the NHL pipeline. To keep it from being incredibly difficult, I have also listed the years of their drafts after the teams they played for (or undrafted, for those who never got their names called). I've listed multiple teams for players who went from development leagues to college hockey, or were traded to other teams in juniors, but I've left out professional/minor league teams for obvious reasons. Our resident draftniks who provide such awesome prospect info year after year ought to do well on this one.

One tip I might offer is that if you're not mostly sure of an answer (as they'll come up randomly), click 'next' to get to ones you might have a better idea about - this will narrow the options for when you do have to guess, or might jog your memory to ones you knew but didn't realize. Note that the answers (players) should show up in alphabetical order by their last names, to help you find them more quickly.

One interesting anomaly I learned while putting this together is that nearly half of the drafted contributors to this year's team came from two drafts - 2009 and 2013. Strong years, I guess. And it sure appears that we'll now be looking forward to the next draft and not playoff hockey unfortunately. On that downer note, good luck!

Buffalo Sabres Formative teams quiz

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