DBTB Quiz: Boring Bye Week Edition - Criteria Buffalo Sabres

This quiz is brutal - Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Anyone else going through Sabres hockey withdrawals already?

The bye week is a great chance for the team to recharge, but it leaves us fans in a bit of a funk. For those itching for some Sabres-related activities to get you through, I held on to an epic Sabres trivia quiz with this week in mind!

This one is a lot larger than usual, with 60 total answers to a variety of criteria-based questions. It's not going to be an easy one, though I kept it to mostly recognizable names and not obscure players. It may be tough to come up with all the ones that fit the given criteria though. On the plus side, with 60 potential answers, you could theoretically just start listing Sabres names you know and there's a good chance it will fill in somewhere.

As always, you won't need to type the full name out on some of the longer or harder to spell names. Also, any stats listed refer only to their tenure in Buffalo, not their entire careers. Please let me know how you did in the comments, or any feedback you have. Good luck!

Buffalo Sabres Criteria Quiz

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