DBTB Quiz: Crazy Eights! (8's in Jersey Number)

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Hola amigos! It's been a little while, so here's a little quiz for you all to try out, similar to my "Number 5" one from a few months ago. See if you can name all the players to sport the number 8 on their uniforms in some way, shape, or form over the last 16 plus years - I've only included those who wore these numbers during the year 2000 to present.

As in other recent quizzes, I've made it so the answers appear with just a few letters of the last name, and even with the first few letters of common misspellings, so give it a try if you have a player in mind but you have no idea how to correctly spell it (hint- one short-stinted and incredibly impossible to spell name does appear on this quiz).

I hope this will tide everyone over while I work on some fresher ideas for quizzes. Please let me know your feedback as always in the comments section - I love to hear what everyone thinks and how you do on these. Also, if you're inclined, I noticed there's a rating system on the quiz site, so feel free to start rating these there as well if you like them.

Thanks, and good luck!

Buffalo Sabres Crazy Eights

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