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Letter From the Editor: December Edition

It’s been about a month since we last checked in. So, how’s it going?

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Colorado Avalanche Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, everyone! Your friendly neighborhood DBTB Managing Editor Chad here. Last time we caught up was around Halloween. I was still getting my feet just a little over a month into the new role.

Now, here we are in December and the DBTB train is steaming down the tracks at full speed.

So, let's start with a few obvious things right off the top. They’re not very good and that’s a bummer, to say the least. We’ve had to cover bad hockey around these parts for too long now. The good news is I know how to cover a bad team. The bad news is I’m getting a little sick of doing it.

Nonetheless, we are where we are. Just because the team is bad, doesn’t mean the content will suffer here or get stale. That’s not what I’m about. There’s always an angle to go run down or a story to find. With the great team of writers we have on board I don’t see that being an issue.

Speaking of the writers, let’s chat about the recent additions. Lee Drinkwater joined us as a Staff Writer and he’ll be our numbers guru. I worked with Lee for about a year now. He knows his stuff and puts some great content together as he dives deep into the numbers.

We added a few contributors in Matt Kopnak, Dan Bender and Matt Zakrzewski. Matt K. and Dan have great knowledge of the game, as well as the Sabres. They’ve already put up some good thought-provoking content on the site. Matt Z. comes from FanPost section of the site. Most of you may know him as Trader Matt. Matt’s articles in FanPost’s have caught my attention since I took over. He always puts together content that engages conversation.

Also, we have another new contributor on the way in Zack Travis who specializes in prospects. Max does an absolutely dynamite job covering the prospects for us here. Zack will only add to that. One thing Zack will focus on that we’ll start to give some run here on the site is the upcoming World Junior Championships in Buffalo. So, stay tuned for that coverage. Sabres will have a few prospects in the tournament and there will be some draft-eligible players to follow.

Some other ideas I have in the hopper include coverage and preparation of the trade deadline. Everyone loves trades and as I’m writing this Robin Lehner may be traded soon. So, let's see if I can wrap this up before that goes down.

That’s all I have for this time around. Of course, if you want to see something we’re not doing yet drop it in the comments below or any comments you may have for that matter on the state of the site.

Everyone have a safe holiday and new year! Big things ahead in 2018 for DBTB!

Chad, out!