Time to Cut Bait With Lehner

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There comes a time where you can no longer defend your point and you just have to take an L. I've decided it's time for me to move on from Robin Lehner. I'll admit the first rounder we spent was too much, and while Lehner has shown flashes of solid play, I don't think he has a long-term future in the city of Buffalo. Let's postulate that my opinion matters/is shared by our own GMBot.

With that opinion, my question becomes what do we have to lose by bringing Linus Ullmark up? Chad Johnson hasn't shown quite the brilliance that enabled him to head to Calgary to fight for a starting spot last year. Continuing to let Lehner play if there's no intent on re-signing him does nothing but leave a huge question mark in net going into next year. Giving Ullmark consistent starts at the NHL level can start to answer exactly how pressing our goaltending problems are this offseason. If he comes up and shows well, you can continue to trust the process and develop UPL, and not look outward for solutions. However, if he comes up and struggles, the Sabres need to start considering goaltending solutions for next season. Delaying his arrival to the NHL at this point is risking disaster next season if, (IF), the rest of the team improves markedly and now it's just goaltending that is holding you back. Besides Ullmark, our pipeline at goalie is dangerously thin, and finding out next year he isn't going to be enough has the makings of us getting fleeced to get a goalie.

Why wait until next season to see where Linus Ullmark is at?

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