DBTB Quiz: The Buffalo Sabres "Journey"-men

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Hello again sports fans, and welcome to the latest installment of DBTB trivia!

The quiz linked below features 30 long-time Buffalo Sabres, who also played a fair share of games with other teams around the league. You'll be asked to identify the players simply by a chronological representation of their NHL journeys.

For each one, I've created a graphic that features the logos of the various teams they played for, in order from left to right (earliest to most recent), and indicated their positions, and how many games they played at each stop along their paths. For those with keen detection skills, you can use your historical NHL knowledge to hone in on each player's relative timeline by making note of the team logos, as I used the official logos reflective of the years they played at each destination. Any MAJOR official logo changes (other than minor tweaks or slight color changes) are represented. For instance, you should be able to tell which era each one played in Buffalo from the changes from the original crest to the Goathead (circa 1996) to the Slug (circa 2006) to the current updated Sabres shield (circa 2010). Take note of the other team logos as well.

This may prove to be a tough one, but I've given ample time to reason out (or take multiple guesses at) the answers, based on the information provided, so give it your best shot! As per most of my quizzes, I've created an auto-fill option so the answers should all appear with just the first three letters of the last name. Good luck! Or should I say, bon voyage!

Name the Sabres by their NHL journeys

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