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Beyond The Blade - Ep. 62 - Next Stage of Grief

Check out the latest episode of Beyond The Blade

In Episode 62 Next Stage of Grief hosts Chad DeDominicis and Bill Schake check in on the struggles with the Buffalo Sabres. The espisode starts out with us talking about our Thanksgiving and my trip to sunny California last week.

We shift our focus to the Sabres defense and how it appears we’ll finally see a fully healthy defense group. Zach Bogosian is a game-time decision to make his season debut tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Things have started to improve on the blue line and we can finally get a look at what the management team envision as their six defenders.

Next up for discussion was the bottom six that looks a little below average to be nice. While we could see some improvement from the defense the bottom of the forward lineup looks to be a lost cause this season.

We also kicked around our ideas to fix the power play that is really struggling. Housley is trying to tweak with some things. We’ll see if that works or the mind-boggling difficulties continue.

We end the show on a good note by talking about the Rochester Amerks who are playing really well and fun to watch.

You can catch the full episode on iTunes or right here: