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Being Thankful for the Sabres

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Retrospect is always a funny thing. Thanksgiving always gives us a moment to look back and dive head first into what we are thankful for and why.

When it comes to the Buffalo Sabres, why should things be any different?

What can fans possibly find themselves to be thankful for in a season that has featured a gross five regulation wins in 22 games?

Let’s get started.

Jack Eichel

Easy target, I know. You can never start off a list of things you’re thankful for and not include Buffalo’s sweetest boy.

Jack Eichel is the best thing to happen to this city in quite some time, but it feels like we just haven’t realized it quite yet because of how poor the rest of the team finds themselves to be.

Let’s flash it back - do you remember on March 3, 2014?

Why is that day so important? Noted enforcer John Scott recorded 15:08 of time-on-ice.

I’ll give you a minute. That statistic that could induce even the strongest of stomachs to vomit.

While it is frustrating to see talented players like Kyle Okposo struggle to score goals, it is much better than watching average or below-average fringe NHL’ers take the ice on a night-by-night basis and log more than 10 minutes a game.

While the Sabres are certifiably bad right now, a retrospective look back is always nice. This franchise is a handful of semi-talented bodies away from making even the slightest of noise but it starts at the top with Jack Eichel.

Just continue to be thankful for Eichel and his endless talent stream. Someday it will pay off.

Those Winter Classic Jerseys

Excuse me, I need to cool myself down.

A large amount of Sabres fans found themselves up in arms when the Rangers/Sabres Winter Classic was announced. While some were upset about the location (and Buffalo being forced to be the home team), most were openly worried about the potential of a very ugly Winter Classic jersey.

Good news, Adidas quelled all of those worries with an absolute fire edition of the Buffalo Sabres jersey for the upcoming Winter Classic.

One would have to believe that this jersey will just fly off the shelves.

Best part about the Winter Classic? All the new non-jersey related merchandise.

New hats and new t-shirts are at the top of the list. Take a stroll down to the KeyBank Center and walk around the Sabres Store. It’ll be like the Disney Store Challenge (link ­- ??) but different in that you have to get into the store, walk around the entire perimeter of the facility and buy absolutely nothing.

You purchase, you lose. But wait, if you buy dope new merchandise, aren’t you really a winner?

A tough egg to crack there.

Phil Housley and Jason Botterill

Yes, I went with the duo at the top.

While they aren’t creating excitement with aimless spewing about trusting things, Botterill and Housley let their actions do the talking.

Right now, those on-ice and behind-the-scenes actions have not inspired much confidence but you have to start somewhere.

I recently heard Paul Hamilton of WGR talk about how he thought Buffalo might be more than five or six bodies away from being a good team. This highlights the job that Botterill and Housley have ahead of them.

The only thing we can do is … trust the process?

*throws adult beverage at wall*

Evander Kane’s Goal Scoring Prowess

Goodness gracious, the kid can put the puck to twine.

In 157 games with the Buffalo Sabres, Kane has converted 60 times. He has been able to score at least 20 goals in his previous two seasons in Buffalo and will likely hit at least 20 again this year.

While Kane has yet to play a full 82 game NHL season, he currently has 12 goals in 22 games. I’ll go all-in on this bet (I’m bad at gambling) and say he gets to 20 goals.

As he sits as a pending unrestricted free agent, Kane currently sits atop TSN Hockey’s TradeCentre Trade Bait list and rightfully so. Kane currently leads all pending unrestricted free agents with 12 goals (Vegas’ James Neal sits second with 11 goals).