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Beyond The Blade - Ep. 61 - Passionate About Our Losing

Check out the latest episode of Beyond The Blade

In Episode 61 hosts Chad DeDominicis and Bill Schake vent from frustration on what appears to be another bad season for the Buffalo Sabres. We yell about a lot of things including the roster moves, the history of losing and just Sabres stuff in general. This is one of those therapies can't miss episodes as we get "passionate about our losing.”

The aggravation of six years of no playoffs and another long season looking us in the eyes finally is starting to take its toll. Recording the same episode for two years and talking about the future is getting old. Also, the idea of another few years of losing while the roster is fixed doesn’t sound like an enjoyable experience.

One day (hopefully) it’ll all turn around. When that time comes we probably won’t know what to do with ourselves because it’ll be a new experience.

So, listen to us vent our frustration and hope it helps you out at as well.