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New to DBTB: Sabres Mailbag

New Sabres weekly mailbag feature coming to DBTB

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, everyone! I’m happy to announce we’ll be adding a new Sabres mailbag feature to the content at Die By The Blade. Matt Kopnak has joined the DBTB team as a contributor and will be the one posting the mailbag. One of the other staff members may step in from time to time, but Matt will be the primary outlet.

The plan right now is to have this run on a weekly basis. Once Matt gets up to speed with everything we’ll lock down the details on how you can submit your questions for him to share his thoughts on. It’ll likely end up being you’ll submit your questions via email and social media. Like I said stay tuned for the full details on that.

If you have any questions or general thoughts feel free to reach out to me (Chad) or leave a comment below. Thank you again for being part of the DBTB community and I hope you’ll enjoy the new feature we added to the site.

Update: To send in your questions to Matt you can do one of the following:

Twitter DM: @MattKopnak

Twitter: Send a tweet to @diebytheblade using hash tag #DBTBMail