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Game Recap: Sabres blown out by Devils.

Sabres have embarrassing showing against the Devils

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo returned home following a brief one-game road trip, in hopes of capturing their first win of the young season.

Unfortunately, those hopes were quickly dashed at the hands of the New Jersey Devils.

It was a very bad, horrible, no good day for the Buffalo Sabres.

Buffalo found themselves in a 2-0 hole after one period, with the only real highlight being that Sabres fans can claim they witnessed first overall pick Nico Hischier’s first National Hockey League point.

Evander Kane provided a little hope early into the second period, scoring his third goal of the season, on the power play.

Again, New Jersey would put their foot on the gas pedal to the tune of three unanswered goals.

By the time the third period rolled around, the Sabres had been audibly booed off the ice and already wished the fans a safe trip home - mostly because a large amount of the KeyBank Center faithful disappeared following the start of the second intermission.

Kane continued his white-hot start to the year with another goal in the third period, his fourth of the season, but that was clearly not enough.

Buffalo fell to the Devils by a score of 6-2. Kane and Housley minced no words after the game.

“Our effort was unacceptable,” Housley said. “We are making mistakes at key times that end up in our net. Our resilience needs to be better. It’s so hard in this league to win. We have to understand that.”

"The fortunate part is we're only three games into the season," said Kane. "We have a big trip out west we need to be ready for because if we play like that, it's going to be 10-0."

The Sabres are still looking for their first win of the season on the road, as they take a jaunt across the United States for a four-game road trip starting in San Jose and ending in Las Vegas.

1. Where is the first win?

Still residing in Parts Unknown – with Jimmy Hoffa, D.B. Cooper, the Lochness Monster and Godzilla. Hopefully, this madness ends soon and the Buffalo Sabres lock up their first win of the season. Let’s throw a Stanley Cup-esque party for that first win – it seems like right now, wins will come few and far between. My sources are telling me it is early and I should calm down.

2. Will lineup changes spark anything?

Unless you can play Evander Kane for 60 full minutes – nope. Scoring was still equivalent to booty. Phil Housley did point out that the resolution starts from the defense up. Maybe as soon as the defense locks up, the offense will click? Grasping for straws feels like madness when it is still October.

3. Can Eichel and Kane continue their hot starts?

Yes – Evander Kane is a stud out of the gate. Four goals in three games, Kane is starting off his contract year the right way. At this point, you’ll be hearing the rumblings growing louder to re-sign Kane. We had this conversation in the press box on Monday afternoon. On one hand, Buffalo might want to lock Kane up as soon as possible (if interested) before the price continues to skyrocket. On the other hand, if Kane continues to keep scoring, he’ll be dumb to not test free agency.

We preface everything we said tonight with - WE KNOW IT IS EARLY – but you must remember that we have to talk about something with the Sabres allow a six-burger in game three of the season.

Eichel did not get on the scoresheet today but don’t forget – he doesn’t get paid his massive contract until next season so don’t tell us that he hasn’t earned the deal until game three of next season.