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Top Five Scary Moments in Sabres History

Happy Halloween! Here are some “scary” moments in Sabres history

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Columbus Blue Jackets Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Halloween! Why not have a little fun here on this day in which we consume large amounts of candy and dress up in costumes. Other SB Nation sites have tackled different types of Halloween posts. I’m going to put together for you the top five Sabres scary moments! So, let’s get to it the rankings!

5. Rob Ray fighting a fan in Quebec

This wasn’t a scary moment for Rob Ray, but the Nordiques fan who immediately regretted his decision probably of jumping over the glass and trying to take on the Sabres bench. That poor guy took one of the biggest beatings that you’ll ever see.

4. 2007 Senators and Sabres Brawl - Jason Spezza

This game goes down as one of the best in Sabres history. I was a season ticket holder during that time and I’ll never forget it. A lot of people actually forget the Sabres won this game too in a shootout 6-5.

The Sabres weren’t scared to step up to the Senators after Chris Neil took out Chris Drury. Marty Biron wasn’t afraid to take on Ray Emery and his boxing background one on one. Heck, Lindy Ruff wasn’t scared to go between the benches and scold Bryan Murray.

You know who was scared though? Jason Spezza. Watch the video again to refresh some old times and get a glimpse of Spezza grabbing the referee’s leg for dear life as the brawl broke out.

3. Leafs and Sabres Brawl 2013 - Phil Kessel

This was a good preseason tussle. Ryan Miller dropped the mitts with Jonathan Bernier. The main attraction of the fight was Kessel swinging his stick like a lumberjack at the legs of big John Scott who tried to grab the speedy forward.

Now, I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing Kessel ended up doing. When you’re 6’0” and a monster 6’8” man on skates is trying to attack you the wise choice might be to swing your stick in fear.

2. Anytime Robin Lehner tries to fight someone

A lot of fans enjoy the crazy side of Lehner. We all remember his scary eyes in the game against Columbus in 2016. When he dared Ben Scrivens to come down the ice to face off against him during a game with the Montreal Canadiens. Also, can’t forget when he took matters into his own hands last season and tried to fight Alex Burrows.

Lehner is one of the scarier dudes in the game in my opinion.

1. When the Sabres were “scary good”

Of course, this had to be number one. The Jason Pominville goal to seal the deal against the Ottawa Senators shorthanded in the 2006 ECSF. RJ with one of his many great calls.

If you think I missed one or a few or think this list is scary well then leave some comments below! Happy Halloween!