Constructive Feedback for the new DBTB staff

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

So after some turnover on the site, I think it's been overall a mixed bag of results, and rather than making threads of complaints and getting into sparring matches via the internet, let's try to be constructive and see if we can lay out what we like about the recent changes, what we want to come back, and maybe even some new ideas. Use the comments as you like, but I'll lay out a couple of things and maybe we

Good new change: Prospect updates - One of the main complaints we all have as Sabres fans is a lack of coverage on the Amerks in general, and adding dedicated prospect updates and also game coverage was an awesome addition. I look forward to keeping these in the regular rotation and appreciate the work on them.

Wish this would come back: Game recaps - A post-game article enables us to all avoid whatever happened in the in game threads and get into discussion, and I think it's important that they be there for every game. If there's issues with scheduling for some of the staff, can we take it up to try and add some of the regulars as writers for games and have them be assigned to do the recap post and just make sure it gets pushed to the front page? As some commenters have noted, it's not like recaps are in depth analyses. They're generally the three stars, big stats, and maybe one paragraph of commentary (AND comment of the game). The last DBTB reign was predictable (for the two years I've been here) and I think that's what we are all missing a bit with the game thread setups.

Rather than grandstand to try and act as the mouthpiece of the community, I feel like I covered two obvious areas. Also please come here trying to be constructive. If you think everything has gone to hell or want to trash someone, I didn't make this post for that.

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