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Beyond The Blade - Ep. 58 - Only Three

Relax, it’s only three games

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In Episode 58 - Only Three, hosts Chad DeDominicis and Bill Schake break down the first three games of the Buffalo Sabres season. A few poor performances have brought a lot of questions to the forefront. We break down some video, talk lines, errors, new defense and other topics in a busy first week of the season.

The guys talk about how some mental errors and sloppy have resulted in the Sabres finding themselves in an early hole. The good news is a lot of the early mistakes can easily be cleaned up with players just respecting the basics of the game.

The duo broke out the video breakdowns for the first time this season looking at a few good and bad moments from the first three contests of the season. You can find the video version of the podcast here on YouTube.

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