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It’s time to move on

Thank you all for reading over these years, but my time has come

Buffalo Sabres v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I knew this day would come eventually. I knew the exact reason why it would, too.

After four years and ten months (with a three-month hiatus for my internship) I am leaving Die By The Blade.

Those who follow me on Twitter probably know I’ve been writing part-time for The Buffalo News the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I have to pick, and, to be honest, now that I’ve graduated from college I need to pick the one that pays.

It’s difficult to leave, especially with how long I’ve been here and where I see the site going. Chad has done a great job putting together a team that will be able to produce more content than we were able to before. This site is as strong as ever, both with writers and all of you who comment and lurk.

I was a senior at Canisius High School when I joined Die By The Blade. I had a dream of covering sports for a living, and after running my own Sabres blog, writing for another and doing some lacrosse reporting I took a chance and emailed Andy. You all know how that went.

A lot has changed since then. The site has changed looks two times I believe, and the response has grown immensely. I remember being lucky to get a handful of comments on stories when I started. Since we’ve had stories with comments in the thousands. We’ve seen three general managers, five head coaches.

I went to college at Marquette and realized I knew a lot less than I thought I did about journalism coming in. I’ve gotten the chance to work my way up the student paper ladder to sports editor, intern at The Buffalo News and work for the Milwaukee Bucks. I’ve covered so many fun events, and all of that really started with my work here.

So that takes us to now. I’ve graduated with a journalism degree, and it’s time for me to jump into the real world. I’d like to thank Andy for taking a chance on me. I’d like to thank all of you who have read my work over the years and have made Die By The Blade the BEST Sabres blog on the internet. And I’m not just saying that because I wrote here.

I’m off to The Buffalo News, but I’m not dying. I’ll be talking Sabres on twitter, and you’ll probably find me commenting on here every once and a while.

Until then, remember: don’t ever let someone tell you the tank wasn’t worth it.