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Recap: Sabres roasted in 5-2 beatdown

The Sabres played an awful road game, and two late goals couldn’t redeem this turd.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Sabres first game back from the All-Star break made it seemed like most of the team, especially one defensive pairing, was still mentally on break as they were crushed by the Montreal Canadiens tonight by a 5-2 score.

The Sabres went down 5-0 through three periods, which included a hat trick to Max Pacioretty, and generally looked horrible for about 30 of the first 50 minutes.

Almost all of the Sabres goals came off of silly turnovers (never pass through the legs again, Foligno) or from awful defensive coverage that left Robin Lehner out to dry, or from a wonderful combination of both. This was truly a terrible effort from the Sabres, and their second period game tape in particular should be burned in a fire and never seen again.

The aforementioned defensive pairing that sunk the Sabres was that of Zach Bogosian and Cody Franson, who combined for an astonishing -8 on the night. Let the campaign to expose Bogo (who was -5 himself) in the expansion draft begin.

The Sabres did get two very late goals from Dmitry Kulikov, his first as a Sabre, and Brian Gionta, who tied his total from all of last year with 12 goals to spoil the shutout, but in general the Sabres played a lazy, sloppy game tonight and got burned by a better team.

Two Questions

1. Which Sabres team will we see coming out of the break?

The team that went on a mini-run before the All-Star break was nowhere to be seen tonight, and that’s going to be a big problem as far as a playoff run is concerned if they don’t find that team again very soon.

2. How much longer will the Sabres be able to score like they did this month?

Well they didn’t exactly end January on a high note, but let’s see how they respond from here before rushing to judgement.

Comment of the Game

Foligno, Franson, and Falk now have assists on MTL goals...

Posted by TheLoneWolf

Points! the wrong team.