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Grading the Buffalo Sabres - Week ending 1/29/17

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NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Toronto Maple Leafs
Evander Kane falls to the ice
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Your Three Stars from last week: Ryan O’Reilly, Kyle Okposo and Jack Eichel. The Three Goats are Nicolas Deslauriers, Cal O’Reilly and Justin Falk.

Here is the LINK to the spreadsheet with all this season’s results.

The Buffalo Sabres went on their annual parents trip on this short week which culminated in the All-Star Weekend. Forward Okposo was the only Sabres player selected for the event.

After pulling off three straight overtime wins in a row, Buffalo finally faltered in a poor offensive performance aided by some inconclusive officiating. With the rest of the division also constantly winning and losing inconsistently, the Sabres are not quite in the playoff race, but not quite out of it either.

As always, we’ve got all the forwards and defensemen who played over the past week in the grading.

We’re sticking with the Corsi For % as well the stats beyond just the goals, assists and +/-. For Dan Bylsma we’ve added the team’s overall Corsi For % as a measurable stat.

Rate the player PP, PK and coach’s performances for these games -

Nashville Predators 4-5 Buffalo Sabres (OT)

Dallas Stars 4-3 Buffalo Sabres