DBTB Quiz: Buffalo Sabres - The Kids 'R' All Right

Rasmus Ristolainen - David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Hola amigos - I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but things have been kinda hectic around El Casa Mayday lately (bonus point if anyone gets this opening line reference, not Mayday but the rest of it).

So I've taken a little trivia break, and others have stepped in admirably, so I haven't bothered to force more quizzes in, but since it's been a few days now, I thought I'd finally post a link to a quiz I actually created a while back. The first one I had submitted was Sabres with last names starting with S, but I also created some similar quizzes with the same general concept around that time, with other last initials. I didn't post these right away to keep things from being too monotonous, but here is a quiz which includes all past and present players with 100 + games with Buffalo, whose last names begin with the letter R. I set the threshold at 100 games for this one, so the names here aren't ultra-obscure.

Good luck, or should I say, "R, mateys!" (No. No, I shouldn't.)

Buffalo Sabres Last Name R quiz

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