DBTB Quiz: Buffalo Sabres All Star Game Participants

Kyle Okposo - Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

For anyone looking for a more enjoyable diversion on this All Star weekend than the actual "game" that gets "played" in an attempt to showcase the best "hockey" in the world, please feel free to enjoy this timely quiz, and see if you can name all the Buffalo Sabres participants in the NHL's All Star festivities over the years!

A couple of notes (and hopefully all the research I did is accurate, I think it is) - the answers will only include those players invited to the All Star weekend as members of the Sabres, so if they played in Buffalo at some point, but were an All Star with another team, they're not going to be included here. Also, to add to the difficulty, I included players that were selected to participate in the Young Stars/Rookies Events, back when that used to be a part of the All Star experience. Your hints will be the players' positions, and years of All Star inclusion. There will be some default help with spelling on some of the trickier ones, so give it a try even if you're not positive on the spelling, you might still get it.

I decided to push this one through while we're still in the heart of All Star weekend, and save my next one for maybe this coming weekend, so look for that one coming up. Good luck!

Buffalo Sabres All Stars Quiz

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