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The 2016 Die By The Blade community stats are here!

Some of you were very active last year.

Philadelphia Flyers v Buffalo Sabres
Sabres fans
Photo By Dave Sandford/Getty Images

And now the moment you all have been waiting breathlessly for, the 2016 user stats for Die By The Blade!

But before we go into that, we’d like to start off by saying a very big thank you to all of you wonderful Buffalo Sabres fans who have come here day or night, rain or shine, win or lose. You are what makes the DBTB community one of the greatest in the SB Nation Hockey world, so give yourself a pat on the back.

DBTB is just outside the top 10 of the SBN Hockey sites in terms of page views with nearly 3.4 million hits in 2016 - we are still well behind the pace of the top sites, so if you know other Sabres fans who are not DBTB readers, consider it your civic duty to first inform them of this site and secondly to check in here multiple times every day.

Where the DBTB community really shines through was in the comments, FanPosts and FanShots, where there was an uptick in all three categories - no other hockey site was able to show improvement year-on-year in all three of those. In fact, DBTB also had the second-most FanPosts of any SBN hockey site! You did this!

So without further ado, here are the top readers who submitted FanPosts -

2016 Most FanPosts

Get writing a FanPost now, we need to be number one this year - How To Create A FanPost.

Here’s the top readers who submitted FanShots -

2016 Most FanShots

With the proliferation of social media, finding video, Vines, and GIFs has never been easier, so get posting - How To Create A FanShot.

And finally, the most prolific commenters! *drumroll......*

2016 Most Comments

Ogre39666 blasts the competition once again for the second straight year! The rest of last year’s top five (Kallinan, rmswny, T McGee & Frank Reich Revolution) were upstaged by TEMSON and Jes04, but still in the top ten.

Thank you once again to every single one of you who participated in the blog or just stopped by last year, here’s hoping for an even better year in 2017!