Happy 2017!!! and you each get three wishes....

As a New Year prize to each of you, I'd like to hear your three wishes for Buffalo Sports. Anything related to our best wishes for our favorite teams. As I'm starting out this New Year's blog, I'll begin our Fan Post this way....

1) A real GM for the Bills. Not the "I'll run and hide and pretend I haven't had any real power" GM that we currently have. Whaley sucks at his job, has had a disinterested relationship with two coaches now and somehow keeps his job.

2) A backbone for the Pegulas. I'd like to see TP/KP actually grow a spine, get angry, and demand both the BIlls and Sabres management teams to produce winners (at least competitive teams) for 2017

3) An up-tempo and visually pleasing system of hockey for the Sabres. God they are just freaking awful to watch. This is the freaking type of hockey that I fall asleep over. It's ugly, boring, and freaking bad.

What are your wishes for 2017? Hopefully we get some interesting ones. Thanks to all of you and Happy 2017! May it be a good one for all of us!

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