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Sabres Links: Sabres can sign Fasching, seven heading to NCAAs, Deslauriers savoring goals

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If the Sabres sign Fasching this week, where would you like to see him in the lineup?

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Sabres Links

  • With Minnesota's season done, Hudson Fasching could be a Sabre sometime this week [Buffalo News]
  • Prospect Report: Will Borgen, Judd Peterson and Sean Malone, Anthony Florentino, Chris Brown, Cal Petersen and Connor Hurley are all headed to the NCAA tournament [Buffalo News]
  • Are Steven Stamkos and the Sabres a good match? [Two In The Box]
  • Nick Deslauriers savors every goal [Buffalo Hockey Beat]
  • Coller: Increasing scoring is so easy, a GM could do it [WGR 550]