DBTB Quiz: Alliterative Buffalo Sabres

Hint: Someone in this pic is on this quiz - Rick Stewart/Getty Images

With apologies to legendary names like Per Djoos, Hakan Loob, and our own Dave Snuggerud, for my money, the best hockey name of all time is Zarley Zalapski, hands down. It just sounds like a hockey name, and the rarely seen alliteration of the letter Z is just awesome.

While old Zarley never played for the Buffalo Sabres, there have been quite a few alliterative players who wore the Blue & Gold and Black & Red over the years, whose first and last name start with the same letter. I've provided you with the letters of their names and the years they played in Buffalo - you just have to provide the names! Best of luck, or should I say, Good Guessing!

Alliterative Buffalo Sabres

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