Own the Sabres!!

At least for one day! I thought it could be kind of a different twist on all the great "GM for a Day" posts we've had here on DBTB over the past few months (and years, really) by posting here what all of you would do if you could OWN the Sabres and be Terry/Kim Pegula for a day.

My take on the Pegulas is that they seem to be very nice people but are clueless when it comes to owning sport franchises. I'm applying basic project management ideals here (cause I'm an IT PM) and overlaying those concepts onto sports franchising. I'm sticking with the ownership of the Sabres in this blog but many of the principles here can be applied to the Bills as well. (Fire Doug Whaley, please!) I'd love to hear from many of my "friends" here at DBTB as to what you would do as owners of the Sabres, not necessarily just as a GM. goes my first fan post! I hope it's intriguing and interesting for all of you.

1) I'd sit down with GMTM and ask him for a 5 year plan. (My assumption is that they do this type of planning, but I want to see details of their plan) The plan should include everything from player development to addressing the salary cap, based on current projections. What are we doing in the short term to fix our defensive issues? Offensive issues?

2) What will we do in the upcoming draft? This can be a part of our short term planning. I want to see how strategic our planning is for this draft and what our thoughts are for the next two drafts as well. I want to be able to project the type of players coming out and targets to our scouting. I also want to know our shortcomings in drafting and how we can fix them (money being no object here). I would ask GMTM what he perceives as our strengths as well.

3) Marketing: As owner, I want to know our basic marketing plans and current thoughts on reaching out to the fan base at large. Incorporating new ideas and technologies into our marketing strategy makes sense to me. My thoughts are that the Sabres are not innovators when it comes to marketing (please feel free to object here if you feel otherwise)

4) Operations: I think the operational side of the house needs addressing as well. We don't make the fan game experience all what it should be. ( I will admit that I haven't been to a home game in about 5 years since I currently live in Atlanta and haven't visited Buffalo since my grandfather passed. I am basing this issue squarely on the few home games I've been to in the past seven years. Once again, your input here will help me)

5) Coaching: I'd sit down with Byslma and ask for a full report on each member of this year's team. I would also ask (along with GMTM) what they believe is our shortcomings and how do we address this? I want accountability in the coaching staff and player development. I want accountability from my GM as well as to who we have put on the ice and why. I want to know why we are running with our current system and why we are one of the worse scoring teams in the NHL.

6) This might be painful and a bit overreaching, but I want accountability in all trade decisions. To keep us from overpaying in the future, I want signoff on trades so that we don't fall in love with a player and just pay the farm for him when an apartment is all that is necessary to obtain someone. This is a direct reaction to our payment for Kane and Lehner and I would put checks and balances in our system so that organizationally we have accountability for trades rather than have only one person checking the box, so to speak

7) Revamp our scouting department. This may not be necessary, but I'd like to review our processes and procedures for scouting and look at "best practices". Doesn't mean we are poor at it, just means I'm looking at different approaches that may or may not yield different results.

I believe I've covered a lot here. I welcome your ideas and additions or comments to this idea of being an owner for a day rather than just a GM. I do love reading all the great comments about being a GM for a day and some day may offer my own ideas but I thought this twist on the idea might be fun as well. Nothing like stirring the pot. I'm looking forward to hearing from some of you long-timers like McGee and all as to what you would fix or keep the same in the Sabres' organization as an owner.

Have fun. Be kind. and Happy New Year to all of you! Be safe and have fun!

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