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On the ninth day of Christmas..

Counting down twelve wishes for the Buffalo Sabres this holiday

Philadelphia Flyers v Buffalo Sabres
Sabres fans
Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images

You’ve all heard "The Twelve Days of Christmas", an English Christmas carol that’s been around for a couple of centuries now. In a nod to our northern neighbors, here’s a Canadian version of the classic -

9. An improved home environment

The Buffalo Sabres home experience right now is pretty bad, in all aspects. There’s been plenty of articles and comments in the last few weeks on this topic, and invariable there are some common themes - need a better DJ and better song selection, the wall-to-wall noise is unnecessary and kills conversation, home fans are very passive (mostly because of the on-ice product) and create the “silent as a library” effect which doesn’t help get the players pumped up either.

So, how do we improve this? Getting a different DJ who does more to get the crowd involved, but also knows when to give the fans some breathing (and talking) room would be great.

Then there’s the players. While we’re not asking them to ham it up for the crowd at every opportunity, they also play a part in getting the crowd amped up as all the eyes are on them when they are on ice. Players like Patrick Kaleta ‘spoke’ to the crowd all the time they were on ice.

And finally, the crowd itself. Let’s not even get into a discussion of the demographics that attend games, which admittedly does make a difference. However, the Sabres are not as awful as they were in the ‘tank years’. Fans are paying customers and want to see a return for their financial investment.

How about the fans present taking a pledge to give the team their unconditional support? No matter what the score, can the crowd create a wall of noise that will rekindle the playoffs atmosphere at the KeyBank Center? Wish it, want it, do it?

So our wish on this ninth day of Christmas is for an amazing atmosphere at the KeyBank Center that drives the team to play better and have a better home record (7-6-3 currently).