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On the eighth day of Christmas..

Counting down twelve wishes for the Buffalo Sabres this holiday

Ottawa Senators v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

You’ve all heard "The Twelve Days of Christmas", an English Christmas carol that’s been around for a couple of centuries now. By special request from Pope & T McGee, here’s the Bob & Doug McKenzie version of the song -

8. Better puck luck for Buffalo

Apart from a couple of games (at Oilers, vs Kings), it’s really felt like the Buffalo Sabres have had very little puck luck this season.

Doesn’t it always feel like when we’re on the offensive the puck hits the post and goes back out, or bounces off the goalie and lands in the exact spot where there are no Sabres crashing the net? Or even worse, when the opposition has an empty net, all our shots either clank off the frame or just go narrowly wide.

And then the opposite happens when the other team has the puck. It trickles over the line, or hits the post and goes in, or rebounds invitingly for attackers to slam home.

No team has more losses in overtime or the shootout than Buffalo, with 8 so far from 31 games played.

Who remembers the last time a video replay review that went the Sabres way, or a coach’s challenge that the Sabres won?

With that said though, the Sabres are 5-2-3 in their last ten and as long as they can keep picking up points at that rate, they stand a more than decent chance at getting into the playoffs.

So our Christmas wish is that Lady Luck comes in and settles down in Buffalo for the winter, and that the Sabres start scoring plenty more goals and get on a decent wins/points streak.