DBTB Quiz: Buffalo Sabres Multiple Choice Edition!

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, fellow Sabres fans! In order to keep these enjoyable distractions fresh, and to provide some engaging content on off-days, I've slowed the pace of my quizmastering a bit. I've also decided to change the pace for this one.

I think the most often heard excuses for poor performance on these typing quizzes are spelling (I knew the answer, just couldn't spell it!) and recall (I knew the answer, just couldn't think of the name!). Well, I have created a new Sabres quiz that eliminates these excuses completely - with multiple choice answers! So, you'll either know the answers or you won't (with the added bonus of having at least a 25% chance of guessing correctly if you don't know it!)

Since I'm literally GIVING you the answers to these, the questions themselves aren't all going to be gimmes. I try to walk a fine line between too easy (because then what's the point?) and too hard (a.k.a. frustrating). It's not like I'm asking who Buffalo's 12th round draft pick in 1988 was (LW Bobby Wallwork, btw), but it's not trivia if the answers aren't a bit trivial...

I hope you all enjoy the work I put into this one, and the fighting chance I've given you. I've got some ideas for another quiz like this if the feedback is positive. Choose wisely!

Sabres Multiple Choice Quiz

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