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Grading the Buffalo Sabres - Week ending 11/06/16

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We’re doing the player grades polls every week

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Minnesota Wild
Buffalo Sabres celebrate
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Sabres played three times last week, winning the two road games and dropping the one KeyBank Center tilt. In a much more sedate week for the team, all three games were decided by 2-1 scorelines for the team playing away from home.

As always, we’ve got all the forwards and defensemen who played over the past week in the grading.

Zack Bogosian, who was injured after playing just 5:45 in the first game of the week, has been excluded from the grading. Likewise Anders Nilsson, who did not feature this week.

We’re sticking with the Corsi For % as well the stats beyond just the goals, assists and +/-. For Dan Bylsma we’ve added the team’s overall Corsi For % as a measurable stat.

Rate the player PP, PK and coach’s performances for these games -

Minnesota Wild 2-1 Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres 1-2 Toronto Maple Leafs

Ottawa Senators 1-2 Buffalo Sabres