DBTB Quiz: All-Time Buffalo Sabres Goaltenders with 50+ Games Played

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Here comes another Sabres history quiz for a post-holiday, non-gameday Monday. Name all the goalies who suited up in the blue and gold (or black and red) and saw the ice for 50 or more games.

Here are a few hints to get you started - our beloved Sugar Ray Lehner may (should) reach this milestone later this season, but for now, he's a little over a dozen away from 50. Also just missing the cut so you don't try to type them in all day - Chad Johnson (45 games), Patrick Lalime (47 games), and Steve Shields (man, it does seem like he played in more than 31 games, but I guess being behind #2 on this list presents few opportunities to play). Good luck!

DBTB Quiz - 50GP Goaltenders

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