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Sabres at Capitals recap: With offense still napping, Buffalo loses 3-1 to Washington

The Sabres aren’t giving their fans much to cheer for these days.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

At my house this Thanksgiving, the Buffalo Sabres were in the same boat as politics, religion, and the new Beauty and the Beast trailer - they were not discussed, because only pain and suffering would follow.

Tonight, Sabres fans found only pain and suffering in front of their TV screens, as the Sabres lost another snoozer, this time to the Washington Capitals by a score of 3-1.

The first two periods of the game were awful for the Sabres. They were outshot 25-18, outscored 2-0, and none of their chances looked very dangerous at all. This was yet another game where Buffalo’s offense was impotent, and tonight was the eighth time in their last ten games where the Sabres have scored one or fewer goals in a game. Blegh.

The third period was slightly more kind to the Sabres, as it saw Sam Reinhart get on the board with a ncie shot thanks to some nifty work to keep the puck in the zone from Ryan O’Reilly and Kyle Okposo, but the Sabres couldn’t get anything going after that, took a dumb penalty late, and ended up losing by a final score of 3-1.

In the end, I think Sabres beat reporter John Vogl put it best when he asked on Twitter, “Anyone have a different way of asking about scoring once?” The Sabres offensive woes are almost comical at this point, and they just never seem to end. Even when they scored four against Calgary, seemingly to open the floodgates, we get two more games in a row with just one goal in regulation.

The Sabres are bad, but don’t feel bad. Go enjoy the rest of this Thanksgiving weekend, and we’ll all try to figure this thing out next week.

(Oh, and the new B&TB is gonna be great, because Emma Watson and Alan Menken can do no wrong.)

Three Questions

1. Can Buffalo stop Ovechkin?

They did for a long time, but Ovechkin’s shot was what directly led to the Caps third goal. He finished with one assist.

2. Where da goals at?

I dunno, bruh.

3. Who will play in net for the Sabres?

Nilsson played tonight and was merely OK. He was horribly out of position on the third goal, but at some point the Sabres have to give their ‘tenders some goal support.

Comment of the Game

wake me up when Eichel is back

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