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Grading the Buffalo Sabres - Week ending 11/13/16

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We’re doing the player grades polls every week

Buffalo Sabres v New Jersey Devils
Marcus Foligno
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Buffalo Sabres played four games this last week, and didn’t fare too well, with two overtime losses (one in the shootout) and two regulation losses.

Injuries played a big part this week, with Tyler Ennis undergoing groin surgery and going out for a few weeks, and the pair of Ryan O’Reilly and Dmitry Kulikov also missing two games each too. Evander Kane did return after recovering fully from a broken ribs injury a few weeks ago.

As always, we’ve got all the forwards and defensemen who played over the past week in the grading. This week should be interesting because a few players who looked like they had terrible weeks with basic stats were exonerated by advanced analytics.

We’re sticking with the Corsi For % as well the stats beyond just the goals, assists and +/-. For Dan Bylsma we’ve added the team’s overall Corsi For % as a measurable stat.

Rate the player PP, PK and coach’s performances for these games -

Boston Bruins 4-0 Buffalo Sabres

Ottawa Senators 2-1 Buffalo Sabres (SO)

Buffalo Sabres 1-2 New Jersey Devils (OT)

New Jersey Devils 4-2 Buffalo Sabres