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Grading the Buffalo Sabres - Week ending 10/30/16

We’re doing the player grades polls every week

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Winnipeg Jets
Buffalo Sabres players celebrate
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks for all the feedback on the polls folks, we’ll keep working on the system as we go along. For now, below is a poll where you can grade each of the players on a scale of 1-5 on all their performances in the previous week.

Once we have all the votes in, we’ll publish a review picking the top three players, and the bottom three as well, from your grades.

In response to your input, we’ve added Corsi For % to the stats beyond just the goals, assists and +/-.

We’re also adding the power play, penalty kill and Dan Bylsma to the list of what we’re going to be grading - let’s give that a test run and see how that looks.

Rate the player, PP, PK and coach’s performances for these games -

Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 Buffalo Sabres (SO)

Buffalo Sabres 0-4 Minnesota Wild

Buffalo Sabres 3-0 Florida Panthers

Winnipeg Jets 1-3 Buffalo Sabres