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Sabres Links: Buffalo a WJC finalist, Prospects Challenge standouts, Lehner's mask unveiled

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Buffalo could add another event to the list that the Sabres have hosted since the Pegulas took over the team.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Sabres Links

  • Buffalo, St. Louis and Pittsburgh are the final three choices for the 2018 World Juniors [USA Hockey]
  • Jack Eichel showed how vital he could be for the Sabres in the Prospects Challenge clincher [Buffalo News]
  • In addition to the obvious choices of Sam Reinhart and Eichel, Brian Duff says Evan Rodrigues, Nick Baptiste, Justin Bailey and Jean Dupuy looked the most ready to go pro []
  • Robin Lehner 's mask by Dave Art was revealved yesterday, and it is quite dark [Twitter]
  • Tyler Ennis talked camaraderie and competition going into training camp [Buffalo News]

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