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2015 NHL Draft Round One Open Thread: Who will the Buffalo Sabres draft?

Tonight is the most important off-ice moment in Sabres franchise history since 1970. Come watch with us, friends.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Tonight is the night. The night we've been waiting for as Sabres fans literally for years. The 2015 NHL Draft begins tonight, and the Sabres hold the #2 pick, which will almost certainly become future superstar center Jack Eichel.

After making a trade earlier today for Robin Lehner, the Sabres no longer have the #21 pick, but still have plenty of ammunition to make a move back into the first round or for another player such as Ryan O'Reilly.

The Buffalo Sabres hold the following picks in the 2015 draft:

31, 51

Round 1: Friday, June 26 at 7:00 PM ET

Television: Sportsnet (Canada) and NBCSN (USA)
Live stream in the USA on NBC Live Extra

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The 1st round draft order

  1. Edmonton
  2. Buffalo
  3. Arizona
  4. Toronto
  5. Carolina
  6. New Jersey
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Columbus
  9. San Jose
  10. Colorado
  11. Florida
  12. Dallas
  13. Los Angeles → Boston
  14. Boston
  15. Calgary → Boston
  16. Pittsburgh → Edmonton
  17. Winnipeg
  18. Ottawa
  19. Detroit
  20. Minnesota
  21. NY Islanders → Buffalo → Ottawa
  22. Washington
  23. Vancouver
  24. Nashville → Toronto
  25. St. Louis → Buffalo → Winnipeg
  26. Montreal
  27. Anaheim
  28. NY Rangers → Tampa Bay
  29. Tampa Bay → Philadelphia
  30. Chicago → Arizona