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Who do you want the Sabres to draft with the 21st pick?

Eichel is obviously the biggest news story of today, but there will likely be a second new Sabre before the night is done.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

UPDATE: The Sabres have moved the 21st pick to Ottawa for Robin Lehner and David Legwand. So if you want one of these players, better hope they fall to 31.

Who the Sabres take with the second overall pick isn't even close to a conversation. Thankfully Buffalo has a second first-round pick to allow for at least a little drama.

Where the Sabres go with that pick is really anyone's guess, or if they'll even have the pick by the time the 21st selection will be made. Here, we'll assume that the Sabres will not trade the pick. If that's the case, who is your ideal selection? Do you want to find the goalie of the future in Ilya Samsonov, or a high-powered scoring winger like Evgeni Svechnikov?