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Sabres Links: Devils talking to Bylsma, Lightning win Game 5, coaching rumors around the league

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The Sabres still do have competition in their coaching search, but they appear to be one of the more attractive destinations.

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Sabres Links

  • The Sabres will be meeting with Dan Bylsma this week [Sportsnet]
  • New Jersey has also reportedly asked to interview Bylsma []

Around The League

  • Tampa Bay shutout the Rangers 2-0 to take the series lead []
  • Pittsburgh will look to acquire a first-round pick at the draft [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • Dave Lowry is emerging as a candidate for the Sharks coaching spot [Mercury News]
  • The Blues will stick with Hitchcock barring anything dramatic [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The Oilers would like to keep former interim head coach Todd Nelson on staff, but he's being allowed to look elsewhere [Sportsnet]