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Watch the Buffalo Sabres fail at American History

The American-born Sabres were asked to name some presidential history today, and the results accurately reflect the American education system.

Today is President's Day in America, the holiday where some folks get off work, and everyone else grumbles about how they don't get off work.

The Buffalo Sabres were at work today, and after practice at the First Niagara Center, Brian Duff asked some of the American-born Sabres players to identify some (relatively obscure) presidential quotes, and to name the four faces on Mount Rushmore. The results were predictably awful, but we did learn a few things from this educational video:

1. Brian Flynn is just the cutest. Sorry @LindyRuffsTie, but I'll take Flynn over Marcus Foligno any day.

2. Foligno's nickname is Moose. Somehow I did not know this, but I do now, and my life has improved.

3. Welcome to the Sabres, Zach Bogosian, now please embarrass yourself on our website with your lack of presidential knowledge. (We still love you, Zach.)

4. Mike Weber is so bad at naming the faces of Mount Rushmore that he himself is now on the Mount Rushmore of failure.

Happy President's Day!