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Sabres Links: Bylsma has warm return, Weber understands role, Sabres must-watch TV

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Dan Bylsma returned to the city where he won the Stanley Cup, and was well received by the Penguins fans.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Sabres Links

  • The Sabres had 53 shots on goal, but fell to the Penguins [Sabres.comTSN]
  • Dan Bylsma received a warm welcome in Pittsburgh [Buffalo News]
  • Mike Weber understands his role means he'll be in the press box some [Buffalo Hockey Beat]
  • 10 reasons the Sabres are must watch every night [Buffalo Wins]
  • Bylsma through a young fan a puck, but an adult fan took it. The kid was later given a jersey and two pucks by the Penguins [Twitter]