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Sabres Links: Eichel's Dad helping, Sabres believe goals will come, penalty kill costly

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The Sabres are enjoying their time off before the game on Wednesday night, looking to turn their scoring woes around.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Sabres Links

  • Jack Eichel 's Dad helping him keep it real his rookie season []
  • Struggling Sabres believe goals will eventually come [Buffalo Hockey Beat]
  • The Sabres may be 1-4-0, but they are much better than last year [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Penalty kill has been costly for the Sabres [Buffalo News]
  • Jamie McGinn one of five Sabres with NHL siblings [Buffalo News]
  • Evander Kane took a helecopter to catch last night's Blue Jays game [Twitter]
  • Eichel and Austin Matthews similar in top-end talent []
  • Prospect Report: Jason Kasdorf busy in a loss [Sabres Prospects]