2015 IIHF World Championship Sabres update: Ennis, Eichel both with points

The Sabres representatives are performing well on the world stage.

With the 2015 IIHF World Championships underway, it's time to check in on the Buffalo Sabres representatives. Both have played three games, all wins for Teams USA and Canada, but how exactly are they performing?

Tyler Ennis has a goal and an assist on five shots playing for Canada, while Jack Eichel has a single assist with five shots of his own.

It's no surprise to see Ennis performing well with better teammates - just take a look at what he did on the worst team in the league if you need proof of that - but what's great is seeing Eichel being able not only to stick with the pros he's playing against, but have standout moments as well.

Check out this breakaway chance against team Russia, a team that includes pros like Malkin, Kovalchuk, and Anisimov:

He's also getting better as the tournament goes along, doing this after a poor faceoff performance earlier:

The tournament has another week of round robin play before going to the knockout round, and you can keep up with the entire tournament schedule and TV Broadcasting schedule with our handy guide.