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Sabres Links: Sabres day on Pro Hockey Talk

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It was Sabres day over on Pro Hockey Talk! Check out what they had to say about our beloved Buffalo hockey team.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Sabres Links

  • Looking to make the leap: Sam Reinhart [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Mikhail Grigorenko was listed as the Sabre under the most pressure [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Dominik Hasek was voted the best Sabre of all time. Somewhat surprisingly Pat Lafontaine beat out Gilbert Perreault [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Is Colorado's rise a fair example for the Sabres [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • With Steve Ott gone, who will be the Sabres next captain [Pro Hockey Talk]

Around The League

  • Why a big contract to Ryan Johansen is risky business [Sportsnet]
  • Dan Patrick says the NHL could move to Vegas as early as 2016, cites Phoenix and Carolina as possible movers [SB Nation]
  • The AHL implemented a new drug testing program that is more similar to the NHL []
  • Former Portland Pirates assistant Michael Menard plead "no contest" for texting 13-year-old girl [Deadspin]