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Sabres Links: Kings heading to the Cup, Sabres ready to bid for combine, former Devils owner dies

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We have our Stanley Cup match-up set now, and the boys in the NHL offices are likely thrilled that the top two media markets in the United States are facing off.

Jonathan Daniel

Sabres Links

  • The Sabres are set to submit their bid for the NHL Combine this month, and they think the HarborCenter is the perfect location [Buffalo News]
  • The Sabres gave us a bit of an inside look at the top prospects at the combine [Sabres TV]

    Around The League

  • The Kings won game seven in overtime to head to the Stanley Cup []
  • Former Devils owner Lewis Katz one of seven casualties due to a plane crash []
  • After watching his brothers win it all, Marc Staal hopes it's his turn to win the Cup [Newsday]
  • Peter Laviolette excites fans in Nashville introduction [Tennessean]