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Watch: Sabres lead the NHL in bloopers this season

If there's one thing a 30th place team is really good at, it's weird, wacky moments throughout the season.

This season has seen plenty of heartbreak for Sabres fans, from their last place team, to the front office mess, to trading away most of their good players. But along the way there have been some pretty funny, lucky, and just plain weird moments for us to enjoy.

This NHL video gathers together the top 10 bloopers of the season, and the Sabres, surprise surprise, have three of them. They'd likely have four, but since the league decided to put this out before the end of the season, the video does not include last night's own goal by Steven Stamkos, which we'll embed below for your viewing pleasure.

Which of the bloopers was your favorite this season? Mine personally was Jeanneret calling the game from between the benches in a ridiculous over-sized helmet, but let us know which moment you'll always remember in the comments.