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Video: Watch Miller and Ott's goodbye press conference, video tributes

Ryan Miller and Steve Ott got a chance to comment on the trade during the first intermission of last night's game. Here's their emotional press conference, and the video tributes the Sabres gave them in the third period.

Last night, after finding out he and Steve Ott had been traded to St. Louis, Ryan Miller had to sum up his twelve years in Buffalo in just under twelve minutes in the basement of the First Niagara Center.

It was difficult for Miller, who clearly struggled with his thoughts and emotions during the presser, coming close to tears a few times before being saved by Ott or Sabres PR men. During his abbreviated speech, Miller thanked not only the team and his fellow mates, but also went out of his way to praise goal tending coach Jim Corsi, and the Buffalo fans.

Being in the room at the time was difficult. It was a very weird vibe, feeling happy for Miller (and Ott) that they get to continue their careers in a winning market and finally compete for the Stanley Cup with the Blues. But there was also a devastating sadness hanging over the media room, as Miller poured his heart out to the community he called home for more than a decade. Afterwards, both men shook hands with the media in attendance, who wished them luck in St Louis.

The Sabres also showed short video tributes to both Miller and Ott during the third period, which you can watch below: