2014 NHL Trade Deadline: Miller, Ott, Murray speak

Ryan Miller, Steve Ott, and Tim Murray all spoke to the media after the trade that sent Miller and Ott to St. Louis was announced, and here's how they responded to questions about the team, the city, and their respective futures.

Ryan Miller, Steve Ott, and Tim Murray all addressed the media after the trade that sent Miller and Ott to St. Louis for Chris Stewart, Jaroslav Halak, William Carrier, and a couple draft picks. Below are the full press conferences and we'll highlight some of the more interesting quotes from each man involved in this deal.

Ryan Miller and Steve Ott Farewell Press Conference Audio

"It was a big honor to be the captain of this team." - Steve Ott

"I'm very thankful for the opportunity I got in the short time in being with the Buffalo Sabres. My family and myself, I want to thank the fans. They have been nothing but first class from the moment I put the jersey on here." - Steve Ott

"I'm thankful for everybody in Buffalo. Friends, fans, the organization from the top down, management over the years that believed in me, and Terry and Kim who did a nice job in continuing the tradition of this being a great organization." - Ryan Miller

"I thought I would be more precise and concise with the way I am speaking but it's all kind of jumbled around. It's very emotional right now, its hard to think that its been twelve years with this organization and I'm very excited for an opportunity to have a new adventure." - Ryan Miller

"From the coaches on down, especially Jim Corsi whose been a great supporter, a true friend who really cares about his players and allowed me the chance to develop." - Ryan Miller

Tim Murray speaks on trading Ryan Miller and Steve Ott

- "The 2015 1st, we believe is a strong pick; we have a starting goalie coming back whose been pretty well thought of in his career; we have a power forward who is not old, who has term left, who in the past has put up goals and plays a physical tough game; and the conditional pick of the 2014 1st, obviously with conditions that can be met."

Note: The conditions on the conditional pick are that if the St. Louis Blues make the Western Conference Final or Ryan Miller resigns in the offseason, then the pick becomes a 2014 first rounder. If not, it is a 2016 3rd round pick.

- "Halak and Stewart will be Buffalo Sabres when they pass their physical and then after that it's the same as everyone else. If it makes sense, it makes sense. I know they can play in the league. If they are Buffalo Sabres, then they are good players here and we are happy with that."

- "You want to have a big return on every deal and big is relative to who you are trading. Obviously, Miller is a big name and he plays a number one position so you have to get value back. In saying that, he is an unrestricted free agent that could be a rental and that comes into the back of the mind of the GM you're dealing with every day."

You've heard what the personnel involved had to say, now let us know what you've got to say about this deal or the players involved in the comments.