2014 NHL Playoffs - Die By The Blade Playoffs Bracket

The Buffalo Sabres will be working on their golf game starting tomorrow, but you can continue to be involved in the playoffs by making your Die By The Blade Playoffs Bracket!

EDIT: Thanks to the very enterprising lassathrax, we have implemented his idea and now have a bracket set up on NHL.com. Click the link here, or search for Die By The Blade and register your bracket. To make things easier, please name your entry with your SB Nation user name, and if unable to do so drop us a comment here with the name of your entry so that we know who is who.

The hockey season resumes Wednesday, with the top eight teams in each conference battling to see who will represent the respective conferences in the Stanley Cup Final. Unfortunately after a perfectly miserable year the Buffalo Sabres are done with and will not be playing for the Cup, but there is plenty for hockey fans in general to get excited about.The first round presents all sort of matchups, keep it here at Die By The Blade as we will keep you up to date as the playoffs progress.

After the success of last year, once again we'll have the playoffs bracket as well for you to fill out. The rules are simple and the games always fun. It's easy enough to play. Just look at the first round matchups in the 2013-14 NHL Playoffs Bracket and pick the winners for the eight series. We'll keep updating the chart as the series go on, and will invite you to go ahead and make your picks in the ensuing series as well all the way to the Stanley Cup Final, where along with your pick for the winner we'll also be asking you to make picks for the series score and series game-winning-goal scorer as the tiebreaker.

So join us in the playoffs bracket, and show us how well you know your hockey.. get your picks in before Wednesday 7pm in the comments.

Western Conference:

Colorado Avalanche (C1) vs Minnesota Wild (W1)

St. Louis Blues (C2) vs Chicago Blackhawks (C3)

Anaheim Ducks (P1) vs Dallas Stars (W2)

San Jose Sharks (P2) vs Los Angeles Kings (P3)

Eastern Conference:

Boston Bruins (A1) vs Detroit Red Wings (W2)

Tampa Bay Lightning (A2) vs Montreal Canadiens (A3)

Pittsburgh Penguins (M1) vs Columbus Blue Jackets (W1)

New York Rangers (M2) vs Philadelphia Flyers (M3)